Care and maintenance guide

Learn how to protect and take care of your cornhole games to make them last.

mind the elements

Extreme weather conditions such as hail, rain, snow, mud, and excessive heat may cause damage to your cornhole games. To protect your cornhole board from serious damage, do not leave your game outdoors or play in harsh conditions.

How to store cornhole boards

Properly storing your cornhole board is the most important step in ensuring the longevity of your board. Proper storage protects your boards from becoming faded or damaged. Store the boards in a cool, dry place such as a basement, garage, or recreation room where the boards are not exposed to water or humidity.

Cornhole Board Wall Mounts may be used to keep your cornhole boards off the floor and away from pests or water damage.

The polyester exterior and weather resistant coating of Cornhole Board Covers protect the surface and sides of your board from outdoor elements. A protective layer of foam padding adds cushion around the edges making them safer to transport to your next game of cornhole.

How to Store Cornhole Bags

It is recommended to store your cornhole bags and boards together to ensure bags are not lost. Cornhole bags can be kept in a container or drawstring carry tote to keep all items together when not in use.

When left outdoors, corn-filled cornhole bags can attract squirrels or other wildlife who may try to eat the corn feed filling. Be sure to store corn-filled bags in a cool, dry place where animals cannot reach them. All Weather and Synergy Pro cornhole bags are filled with plastic resin pellets and do not share this risk.