American cornhole association® ambassadors

Who Are ACA Ambassadors?

ACA Ambassadors are volunteer representatives and unofficial spokespersons for the American Cornhole Association® that help facilitate tournaments. All of our ambassadors go through an application and training process to ensure professional tournaments and representation of the ACA.

With our ACA Ambassadors, it is our goal to promote and grow the sport of cornhole.

At the ACA, our goal is to promote and grow the sport of cornhole, bringing it to people of all ages and experience levels.

Need help running a tournament? Have a Question About our rules?

The ACA has Ambassadors all across North America. Find an ambassador to help facilitate and officiate a professional cornhole tournament for your next event, benefit, or regularly-occurring tournament league. Ambassadors are a great resource for help needed beyond the ACA Rules or Tournaments resources.

Don’t see an ambassador in your area? Let us know how we can help!

ACA Ambassadors


Matthew Taurone


Jerod Hubbard

british columbia, cananda

Tim O'Quinn


Marc Trocchio
John Blevins
Gavin Snook
Richard Buchalter
Gary Rossi


Hailey Bishop
Jennifer Clark


Thaddeus Rollins
Caitlyn Colson
Brandon Johnson
Dakota Daniel


Kristie Tokifuji


David Birdsell
Paul Uram


Jake Harp


Jamie Griffith


George Rizor


Mark Killey
Michael Garrity

New Jersey

John Rivera

New Mexico

Jena Waddell

New York

Jason Boudreau


Shawn Savchenko


Garrett Cain
Ryan Harrington


Heath Driskill
Ryan Harp


Christopher Rickert


Terry Kreiser
Dave Mattern
Cheryl Mattern


Tami Winn


Craig Maynard
Marcus Whybrew


James Villanueva
Jesse Rivera
Shane McBeath
Darius Garcia


Greg Ortegae


Dani Barstad
Alan Wagner


Justin Visser

Interested in Becoming An Ambassador?

The ACA is looking for cornhole enthusiasts that connect with the ACA mission to share the competitive fun of cornhole with their communities. Find out if your area needs "cornhole help" and consider applying.

Represent the ACA

Share your cornhole enthusiasm with like-minded individuals by representing our professional organization.

Enrich Your community

Bring some excitement and support to your community through events and fundraisers.

Grow the Sport

Help the ACA share the joy cornhole can bring to players of all ages and levels. Anyone can play!

Support fair play

At the ACA, we believe cornhole should be enjoyed by everyone, that's why we support fair play.

Becoming an Ambassador

Our American Cornhole Association Ambassadors Program is designed for individuals to promote the sport of Cornhole by encouraging fair play and participation across all ages through a safe, welcoming, and inclusive environment. 

If you love the sport of cornhole and want to share your passion for it with others, are interested in running quality tournaments professionally or recreationally in your region, or simply want to educate others about the rules and regulations of the game then our ambassador program is for you.  

If you want to help assist the ACA in raising awareness in bringing exposure to the sport of cornhole then reaching out to both adult and youth initiatives at the local, regional, and state levels through city and county parks and recreation departments, YMCAs, or Special Olympics is a great way to get connect with or create a cornhole community.

As an ambassador you can connect with the ACA on scheduling your own events, running your own tournaments, promoting your events, and get answers to questions related to the sport of cornhole.

Be the first to know about product releases, exclusive discounts, or updates to the rules.

Get featured on our social media pages.  We love posting photos of you representing ACA products.  

Training Opportunities that will help you grow and bring awareness to the sport

Learn how to engage with others to encourage fair play for all ages and create environments that provide participants with a safe and welcoming experience.

 Discover where cornhole is being played in your area and help others get into the game.

After you complete the application in full, someone from the ACA will reach out and conduct a short interview with you so we can learn more about you.  Once the interview is complete and your application is accepted, you're ready to help grow the sport.

Ready to bring cornhole to your community?