American cornhole association® ambassadors

Who Are ACA Ambassadors?

ACA Ambassadors are volunteer representatives and unofficial spokespersons for the American Cornhole Association® that help facilitate tournaments. All of our ambassadors go through an application and training process to ensure professional tournaments and representation of the ACA.

With our ACA Ambassadors, it is our goal to promote and grow the sport of cornhole.

At the ACA, our goal is to promote and grow the sport of cornhole, bringing it to people of all ages and experience levels.

Need help running a tournament? Have a Question About our rules?

The ACA currently has Ambassadors all across the United States. Find an ambassador to help facilitate and officiate a professional cornhole tournament for your next event, benefit, or regularly-occurring tournament league. Ambassadors are a great resource for help needed beyond the ACA Rules or Tournaments resources.

Don’t see an ambassador in your state? Let us know how we can help!

ACA Ambassadors by state


Marc Trocchio


Josh Vaughn


Jake Ward


Shawn Savchenko


Terry Seigfried


Greg Ortegae

Interested in Becoming An Ambassador?

The ACA is looking for cornhole enthusiasts that connect with the ACA mission to share the competitive fun of cornhole with their communities. Find out if your area needs "cornhole help" and consider applying.

Represent the ACA

Share your cornhole enthusiasm with like-minded individuals by representing our professional organization.

Enrich Your community

Bring some excitement and support to your community through events and fundraisers.

Grow the Sport

Help the ACA share the joy cornhole can bring to players of all ages and levels. Anyone can play!

Support fair play

At the ACA, we believe cornhole should be enjoyed by everyone, that's why we support fair play.

Becoming an Ambassador

At the American Cornhole Association®, we believe cornhole is for everyone. That's why we're building an ACA Ambassador program that's inclusive to the average cornhole enthusiast interested in organizing cornhole events.

There's a ton of perks in running cornhole events as an ACA Ambassador. It's a great way to activate some excitement in your community, generate earnings, and play cornhole often. Plus, as an ACA Ambassador, you can expect one-on-one support from our National Tournament Director to maneuver through finances, scheduling, or help in answering other general questions when organizing events.

Here's how the entry process looks:

1. After submitting your application, you'll attend an introductory meeting with the ACA's National Tournament Director to get to know the ACA Ambassador program and meet our cornhole community.

2. If your application is accepted, we will work together to assign you to a designated territory position, either in your state or local area.

3. The final step is attending a one-on-one meeting with the ACA's National Tournament Director and/or your assigned ACA State Ambassador (if applicable) to officially welcome you to the ACA family and discuss any further inquiries you may have.

Once you're an Official ACA Ambassador, you'll attend exclusive ACA Ambassador meetings to help you further develop as a cornhole event organizer growing the sport of cornhole in your community!

It is imperative to the ACA that the organization of any event be done professionally and safely. ACA has created a conduct policy for ambassadors to teach and exercise professionalism in the sport and show patrons that ACA Ambassador-run events are welcoming to all, fun, and proficiently run (more specifically, the best cornhole community there is!)


1. Ambassadors must present themselves professionally, wearing business casual attire when organizing an event.

2. Ambassadors will not use offensive or foul language during an event.

3. Ambassadors will not use aggressive language, behavior, or rhetoric towards patrons and players.

4. Ambassadors will not make or demonstrate sexual gestures or behaviors, especially in a manner directed at an individual or specified group.

5. Ambassadors will not cheat and/or give special consideration to any group of players.

6. Ambassadors will organize events in areas that have working and accessible restrooms.

7. Ambassadors will follow accreditation rules for tournaments outlined by the ACA National Tournament Director.

8. Ambassadors will not be endorsed, sponsored, or affiliated with any illegal drug or sex-related company/organization.

9. Ambassadors have a duty to safely de-escalate any arguments or aggressive situations at events.

10. Most importantly, ACA Ambassadors will help cornhole players and families have fun!

The main goal of an ACA Ambassador should be to help grow the sport of cornhole.

Ready to bring cornhole to your community?