Cornhole Tournament QR LABELS
Cornhole Tournament QR LABELS
Cornhole Tournament QR LABELS
American Cornhole Association

Cornhole Tournament QR LABELS


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1. Download the ACA Tournament App on your smart phone and enter your details to sign up.

2. Attach one ACA QR Label pair to one cornhole board set (2 boards, 1 label per board). Stick labels on a surface of the board that’s easy to see and from which the QR Code Labels can be easily scanned from your phone. Sides of a corn hole board are ideal.

3. Click “Add Boards” on the ACA App home screen. Follow instructions to register your ACA QR labeled boards in the app. Make sure to pair your labels with boards before hand.


1. Create your own tournament on the ACA Tournament App by clicking “Add Event” on the home screen.

2. Invite friends, family, or your community by sharing your tournament through the app, or by sending them a link to download the app, sign up, and register for your tournament. Players must have the app on a phone with QR scanning capabilities to participate.

3. Once checked in at the event, users will be automatically entered into the event bracket.

4. The app runs the tournament from there with live updates and instruction for players. The tournament creator can access the Admin Console to manually make changes.


Need help learning how to set up your first tournament? View this tutorial guide to quickly learn about the tournament app's features!