Message from our President and Founder

Welcome to the American Cornhole Association!!

We have completed another great year of Cornhole. This year saw our membership exceed 30,000 members. Our membership is truly worldwide. Our brothers and sisters in the military are in the forefront of spreading the game where ever they go. Our association has had contact with members of every branch of the armed services. Your support has allowed us to send Hats and Shirts to many of the tournaments they have had.

In the US the game is spreading to every state. Many of the players are displaced Buckeyes. Soon the new season will begin and new players will enjoy Cornhole. Our objectives and goals for the organization remain the same as stated below. Just remember the first rule of the game is to have fun!

We have added a couple of new features to the website to help grow the game. The looking for players tab allows players to reach out to other players in their area while protecting their identity. Also we will be offering a list of approved builders and vendors that have agreed to build games and bags to our standards. This will allow players to find quality games from reliable builders.

The ACA was established by a small group of dedicated cornholers from the west side of Cincinnati, Ohio. We have grown over the years and, to the best of our knowledge, we now represents the largest organized corn toss association in the United States with over 30,000 members.

Our mission is (1) to introduce our friends and neighbors to the game of Cornhole, (2) to establish more standardized guidelines for equipment and tournament play, (3) to educate and share information about Cornhole, (4) to rank our members based on the results of ACA tournament play around the country, and (5) to promote and grow the game of Cornhole.

For veteran Cornholers, being ranked relative to other Cornholers around the country is great fun and adds a whole new dimension to Cornhole tournament play. Last years ACA Cornholer of the Year, said it best, “the ACA ranking system allows you to play against the best Cornholers in the country without leaving your own backyard, it is great fun”. The ACA is also a great place to list and market your next Cornhole tournament or event.

If you play the game of Corn Toss / Cornhole, I would encourage you to join the ACA. It is free to join and the ACA provides its members with many valuable benefits. If you have never played Cornhole, youÂ’ve got to try it! It is great fun for the whole family and youÂ’ll love being a part of the Cornhole community.

Help us make Cornhole, America’s game.

Thank you for visiting our site and supporting the game of Cornhole.
Very truly yours,

Michael D. Whitton
President and Founding Member, American Cornhole Association

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